Justin Timberlake Rocks Weekend Update

Pop star and actor Justin Timberlake made a surprise appearance on SNL’s November 15th Weekend Update (now Pohler-less), after canceling his hosting spot on the upcoming Thanksgiving show.  He then delivered that episode in just two minutes!

His previous SNL appearance in 2006 left viewers with such memorable skits as “The Barry Gibb Talk Show”, “Homelessville” and the infamous “D*%# in a Box”.  In his Weekend Update appearance, he hinted that he would have revisited all of these as host and musical guest while texting girlfriend Jessica Biel in between.

Personally, I think JT has some real comic talent, and I’d like to see him back for a complete episode sometime in the near future. He offered a nice break from what’s been a very politically charged season so far. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve loved Tina Fey returning as Sarah Palin and all of the other skits that revolved around the US Election, but we needed a reminder that SNL still can deliver laugh out loud entertainment just for the sake of being, well, entertaining.

What did you think? Was Justin Timberlake a hit on the Weekend Update?

If you missed it, or just need to watch it again, check it out here.

Photo courtesy of NBC.