SNL Season 33 Episode 8 Recap

If last night’s episode proved anything, it’s the fact that this season, the show is only as good as each week’s host.  Although Tim McGraw is one of country music’s brightest stars, he was one of sketch comedy’s dimmest bulbs.  That combined with uninspired writing really makes me long for the old days when an episode would be full of laughs, regardless of who was hosting.

The funniest part was Darrell Hammond’s as Bill Clinton during the Weekend Update. This is a character that Darrell Hammond has spent years perfecting, and pretty much guarantees the laughs. In fact, I see a pattern developing since the end of the US Election. It appears that writers are struggling for content, but the Weekend Update still seems to deliver, although Amy Poehler has left.

I’d even be so bold as to say this episode contained some of the worst SNL sketches I’ve ever seen, particularly Tim McGraw’s “Dale Britches’ Redneck Prank Phonecalls” and Will Forte’s “Escaped Mental Patient”. They were boring, lame and downright unfunny.

Here’s hoping this was the low point of the season, and that the funny returns in the next new episode with John Malkovich on December 6th.