Classic SNL Skits – The Judy Miller Show

I’ve been an SNL fan for most of my life. In fact, I was watching the show when I probably shouldn’t have been because I was way too young to a) be up so late and b) to truly understand some of the content. There is one sketch that I remember very fondly, maybe because I could relate to it so well – The Judy Miller Show, featuring Gilda Radner.

In this classic SNL skit, Gilda Radner plays a little girl, Judy Miller, sent to her room while her mother’s hosting a bridge game. Forced to entertain herself in what she refers to as “The Boring Room”, she creates The Judy Miller Show.

There was a time when I was an only child, and I’d have to play alone in my room, making up my own games. I’d often imagine I was starring in my own TV show, or Broadway play … that’s why I think I love this skit so much. It’s not because it’s laugh out loud funny, or politically charged, or laced with pop culture references, but because I was just like Judy Miller as a kid.

Skits like this one just don’t happen any more, but I still think this rings true, and thanks to the power of the internet, many more generations of girls will be able to enjoy Gilda’s portrayal of Judy Miller, and remember a more innocent time.

Photo courtesy of NBC.