SNL Season 33 Episode 9 Recap

If this past weekend’s SNL was an indication of where SNL is headed this season, it seems that it’s on an upward climb from the extremely forgettable Tim McGraw episode a couple weeks back. Here’s my recap of what I liked, and even what I didn’t like.

Could it be due to Amy Poehler’s appearance? That may have been part of it. I was thrilled to see her in the opening sketch as Hillary Clinton, and the double meaning of her opening line “You thought I was gone, didn’t you?” I realized just how much her presence has been missed on SNL. Hopefully she’ll make some more appearances throughout the course of this season. One of her funniest lines as the new Secretary of State: “The question is … is my new job better than being the governor of Alaska. The answer is yes.”

I thought John Malkovich’s telling of Twas the Night Before Christmas was humorous, mainly because of his deadpan, matter of fact delivery and cynical asides to the children, with gruesome statements thrown in, some fact, others questionable. This was actually highlighted in Day 7 of the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar.

Kristen Wiig’s sketches are always hit and miss for me. In this episode, she played a red-headed, Marilyn-esque bombshell named Shanna that’s really an awkward, clumsy gal. Her male co-workers are obsessed with her until they see her in action at an office birthday celebration. I’m not sure if this has recurring character potential, but I think Wiig really shone in this sketch.

I’m not sure if anyone else is with me on this … I’m sure they are … I just don’t buy Fred Armisen as Barack Obama. SNL really has to reconsider this casting choice. I don’t think I can bear four years of this.

This is something I’ve wanted to get off my chest, so now is the perfect time. Let me just say — I hate Vinny Vedecci. This character has made me cringe every time I’ve seen him since his debut on SNL. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive because my dad’s Italian, I grew up in an Italian neighbourhood, and I know how to speak Italian. This character is not funny. How could he be funny? Maybe if he actually spoke Italian, but kept using the wrong words. Does anyone actually like this character? At least Armisen’s character in these sketches speaks Italian … even if the pronunciation isn’t the greatest

One of the other holiday sketches of the evening was “The Twins” Paul and Aidan, played by Armisen and Malkovich, with their calculator. Okay, I have to admit, I knew kids like this growing up, and I’d forgotten about them until I saw this sketch. It was quirky, but I enjoyed it.

I only have 2 things to say about the Weekend Update — yay Amy!!!

This episode may have been the debut of another Digital Short viral sensation. It’s The Lonely Island, Andy Samberg’s comedy troupe, and the first single from their upcoming album. The bluntly titled “Jizz in my Pants”featured cameos from Jamie-Lyn Sigler and Justin Timberlake. It wasn’t “D&%* in a Box” good, but it’s catchy and causing a lot of buzz. The music almost reminded me of Flight of the Conchord’s “Inner City Pressure”, which reminds me of Pet Shop Boy’s “West End Girls”. Let’s see more of The Lonely Island!

This episode was definitely an improvement from the last new ep with Tim McGraw. Poehler’s appearance, some memorable sketches, and a great new Digital Short have me hoping the slump was only temporary, and we’ll be able to enjoy SNL for the rest of this season.

Photo courtesy of NBC