SNL Season 33 Episode 12 Recap

This past weekend’s episode of SNL, with host Rosario Dawson, left a lot to be desired. It was just plain old boring.  I hate to say it, but this one was even worse than last fall’s Tim McGraw ep.  I have to wonder if there was any thought put into writing these sketches.

The opening sketch, with Kristen Wiig as Diane Sawyer and Darrell Hammond as Dick Cheney, was horrid.  Wiig/Sawyer kept asking Hammond/Cheney if he had regrets on a number of different subjects.  My regret – that the writers couldn’t come up with something better, and I had to endure a sketch that seemed to last way, way too long.

Da Learnin’ Train, a parody of a Discovery Kids TV program, was so lame.  I don’t think even the strongest players would have been able to make this one work.

We were subjected to another typically annoying Kristen Wiig character, Gilly.  I can’t say nothing more than terrible, terrible, terrible!

Even this week’s Digital Short was weak, despite ending with Will Forte’s bare butt.

The only glimpses of hope were during the Weekend Update, with Seth Meyers drawing on outgoing president GWB, and the plane landing in the Hudson for content.   WU guest Andy Samberg as “Larry the Goose” was solid, as he told his side of the story regarding US Airways landing on the Hudson – I loved that he used the word “clusterflock”.  Guest Judy Grimes (shock of shocks, Kristen Wiig again) sucked, as usual.  I really wish they wouldn’t bring back that character again.

I was impressed, however, by musical guests Fleet Foxes.  I’d say they were the best musical guest since last fall’s appearance by Kings of Leon.

We have to wait until January 31st for the next new episode, with host Steve Martin (returning for a record-breaking 15th time as host).  Hopefully, we’ll see an improvement.

Do you agree this was the worst episode this season?  And do you find most of Kristin Wiig’s characters as annoying as I do?