SNL Season 33 Episode 14 Recap

Color me shocked – last night’s episode of SNL with host Bradley Cooper was one of the best this season!
Each sketch, from beginning to end, was consistently funny.

In Bradley Cooper’s opening monologue, he recounted his many appearances on Inside The Actors Studio – as a student – and James Lipton even made a brief appearance. Cooper showed off some of the skills he learned while studying at TAS.

We got another Today show sketch featuring Kathie Lee and Hoda. Although I wasn’t too crazy about this at first, I’m really starting to enjoy their crazy dialogue. These are not sketches that I’d watch repeatedly, but they’re quite entertaining in the moment.

The “Bar Buddies” were back, and this time, they’re taking a trip down memory lane to Mr. Big’s “To Be With You”. Their sometimes uncomfortable confessions were made even more awkward when it turned out they were at their friend’s funeral, and not his wedding.

The Weekend Update was solid this week. I thought Seth’s “Really” piece, a rant about Kellogg’s dropping Michael Phelps as spokesperson because of his marijuana use, was brilliant. And he’s so right, the repertoire of Kellogg’s characters do look like they were created by a bunch of potheads with the munchies!

A surprisingly funny sketch was “Bad Guys, Good Conversation”. It featured Bradley Cooper as Johnny from Karate Kid as host, and Jason Sudeikis as the Sensei, with a cast of panelists that included Alex from Fatal Attraction, Die Hard’s Hans Gruber, and Silence of the Lambs’ Jamie Gumb. Dark, but funny!

This week also brought us another fantastic Digital Short, “I’m on a Boat”, featuring T-Pain. This is another track from the upcoming Lonely Island album Incredibad. With lyrics like “I’m the king of the world, on a boat like Leo”, this is destined for YouTube greatness!

Close to the end of the episode was the compulsory making fun of Christian Bale’s tirade. In it, Bale is promoting a DVD of his and other celebrity outbursts.

This was a good episode, with solid sketches and really funny moments.

Photo Courtesy of NBC