SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 19

It’s time again for some festive fun from the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar!

Today’s pick is a 2001 TV Funhouse spoof on the Rankin/Bass holiday classics – The Narrator that Ruined Christmas. Our favorite banjo playing snowman narrator decides the story of Rudolph no longer matters in light of world events, and only Santa can change his mind, even for just a moment.

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SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 18

It’s that time once again – here’s another fun holiday sketch from the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar!

Today, we bring you Two A-Holes in a Live Nativity Scene, starring Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis as Mary and Joseph, along with host Annette Bening.  Now I may be mistaken, but I don’t think they had cell phones and chewing gum in the manger on that night two thousand years ago 😛

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SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 17

The holidays and animated specials have always seemed to go hand in hand. I’ve always enjoyed classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Ambiguously Gay Duo Save Christmas.

Wait a sec … The Ambiguously Gay Duo? Yes, the TV Funhouse faves in this December 1996 cartoon are today’s feature on the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar!

The SNL holiday fun isn’t over yet. Check back tomorrow for another memorable clip!

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SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 16

Christmas is approaching quickly, and let’s face it, many kids are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa, and wondering what goodies await them under the tree.

During John Malkovich’s appearance earlier this month, he and Fred Armisen played some rather persistent twins in the appropriately titled Calculator. I’ve mentioned it before, I knew kids like this growing up, and had a real giggle over the sketch.

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SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 15

Are you ready for more from the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar?

In today’s selection, we’ve got caroling bears. Wait a second – caroling bears?

Here’s Bear City Christmas Carols. Interesting note about this sketch – it was originally supposed to air on Colin Farrel’s December 11, 2004 episode, but actually aired on December 18, 2004, during the episode hosted by Robert DeNiro.

The merriment continues tomorrow with another SNL holiday sketch!

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SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 14

It may be hard to believe, but Christmas is just around the corner. I can almost taste the turkey and stuffing already!

If you can’t wait for all of the tempting holiday treats, here’s a little something from the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar.

From Jack Black’s 2005 appearance, it’s Appalachian Emergency Room.

Don’t forget … if you have a favorite SNL holiday sketch, let us know in the comments below, and it may be featured on the Holiday Countdown Calendar.

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SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 13

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In creating the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar, I’ve discovered that some of my favorite sketches aren’t anywhere on the ‘net.

For Day 13 of the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar, the stars must have aligned in my favor, because I was finally able to track down one of these gems!

Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman and Kevin Nealon perform “Away in a Manger” in Season’s Greetings from Tarzan, Tonto and Frankenstein.

I still can’t believe this is over 20 years old … it aired in December 1987.  This still makes me chuckle today! Hope you enjoy it, too.

The fun’s not over yet! More from the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar tomorrow!

Tonight on SNL: Hugh Laurie and Kanye West

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, just trying to contain my anticipation as I wait for tonight’s episode of SNL. Why, you may ask? Because Hugh Laurie is hosting, and Hugh Laurie is AWESOME!

It’s only been a couple years since Laurie last hosted, but this man is a comic genius. This man knows his sketch comedy. Before he became Dr. Gregory House, he was part of British funny duo Fry and Laurie.

A brief promo on has Fred Armisen asking Laurie if they celebrate Christmas in the UK. I can only imagine where this is going!

Laurie last appeared on SNL in October 2006, and is best remembered for the spoof of “Most Haunted” when he attempts to blame his … er … gas, on a ghost.

Musical guest is Kanye West, keeping up the recent trend of hip hop artists as musical guest that has developed over the past few episodes.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC (Global in Canada) at 11:30 EST.

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SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 12!

Not only is it nearly the holidays, it’s getting closer to Oscar time. Just this week, it was announced that Hugh Jackman will be hosting the 2009 festivities.

Jackman does have hosting experience, which brings us to Day 12 of the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar.

From December 2001, it’s Australian Christmas. Hugh Jackman recalls his Christmases in Australia, waiting for the “Christmas Kangaroo” to bring gifts each year.

The SNL holiday fun continues tomorrow with another fun festive sketch!

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SNL Holiday Countdown – Day 11!

Music and the holidays seem to go hand in hand. Here’s a little song for the 11th day of the SNL Holiday Countdown Calendar, courtesy of Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph.

From the Christmas 2006 episode, this is Santa’s My Boyfriend. In this opening number, the girls sing about that special man in their life – St. Nick.

Photo courtesy of TV