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Timberlake on the “Single Ladies” Sketch

One of SNL’s funniest sketches of this season nearly didn’t happen. In a pre-Grammy Awards interview with Katie Couric, Justin Timberlake revealed that Beyonce had some serious reservations about the “Single Ladies” sketch, which put JT, Andy Samberg and Bobby Moynihan in tights and heels as backup dancers for the diva’s latest video.

The Associated Press reports:

When Beyonce told him she was having second thoughts about a sketch where Timberlake was to “audition” for a video, he showed up at her dressing room in a robe covering a leotard. He dropped the robe and stood there, staring into space. Beyonce’s reply: “I can’t look anywhere but your face right now.”

Thanks, Beyonce, for agreeing to it! You could have prevented the world from seeing JT and the boys in action, and hearing JT say “We’re the dan-cers”!

Photo Courtesy of MTV