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Tonight on SNL – Neil Patrick Harris and Taylor Swift (Repeat)

In stark contrast to last week’s disappointing repeat of the Hugh Laurie episode from December, this week’s repeat is one of this season’s finest, with TV, film, stage and internet star Neil Patrick Harris.

For a taste of what’s in store, visit and check out the Save Broadway sketch.

Read my full episode recap HERE if you’re still not convinced.

Quite simply, if you missed it the last time, I highly encourage you to tune in!

SNL airs at 11:30 pm on NBC, and Global TV in Canada.

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SNL Season 33 Episode 11 Recap

NPH + SNL = the best episode of SNL so far this season! Almost every sketch was fantastic, and the ones that were mediocre were better than the entire Tim McGraw episode combined.

By far, the standout moment for me was the Digital Short featuring an orchestral rendition of the Doogie Howser, MD theme song. From the opening keystrokes by NPH to his single tear shed at the very end, this has become one of my fave SNL sketches of all time! In case you haven’t seen it, check out the
CLIP. (Click HERE if you’re in Canada.)

I also really got a chuckle from the Save Broadway sketch. I know a lot of people weren’t happy with it, knocking Broadway when it’s down, but how could you not laugh at it? I couldn’t help but giggle at NPH as Mark from Rent, considering this is a role he actually played on Broadway. I also thought Jason Sudeikis was quite funny as The Phantom of the Opera, and Taylor Swift was a hoot as badass Annie.

I wasn’t too crazy about the Penelope sketch. I’m just not a fan of that character, although I know she’s popular with a lot of viewers. It was funny, though, when Neil Patrick Harris’ character mocks Penelope, and Liza Minnelli making an appearance at the end of it.

I thought the Today Show sketch had some funny moments, especially once NPH as an aerobics instructor to the stars tries to get Kristen Wiig’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Michaela Watkins’ Hoda Kotb exercising.

It was great that Abby Elliott finally got to take the spotlight; she did a great job as Rachel Maddow in the opening sketch and Jamie Lynn Spears in Two First Names.

So what do you think of this episode of SNL? Which sketch was your fave?

Tonight on SNL – Neil Patrick Harris and Taylor Swift

Neil Patrick Harris seems to have it all right now – a hit TV series, award nominations, and a pivotal role in the largest internet sensation of 2008. Oh, and he’s talented to boot.

To quote Dr. Horrible, “Here lies everything/The world I wanted at my feet/My victory’s complete/So hail to the king/Arise and sing.”

Tonight, he adds SNL to his list of credits, something that I see as a major victory. NPH has surpassed underground cult hero fandom and made the jump to mainstream awesomeness!

Musical guest is Taylor Swift, making the move from what felt like an endless supply of hip-hop to a young country star.

Earlier this week, MTV News visited the SNL set to interview Taylor Swift. And of course, NPH made an appearance or two! You can watch that clip HERE.

I have to admit, I have very high expectations for this evening’s show. I won’t accept anything but the best from SNL’s writers. I’m sure they recognize the talent they have on their hands, and have created some of their finest sketches to showcase NPH’s skills.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC (Global in Canada) at 11:30 EST.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

A Sneak Peak of NPH on SNL

I can barely contain my excitement for this Saturday’s episode of SNL with Neil Patrick Harris.

In an exclusive NBC web promo, NPH and Will Forte share a drink and some laughs. You can watch it HERE.

Now this won’t be the first time that NPH and Forte have been on screen together. Forte guest starred on an episode of How I Met Your Mother in the May 2008 episode “Rebound Bro”, and they proved to have some solid comedic chemistry. Let’s hope the same is true this Saturday night.

Neil Patrick Harris on SNL’s 1st New Ep of 2009

It’s a new year, and what could be better this weekend than a new episode of SNL? How about a new episode of SNL hosted by one of the brightest, most talented stars on the small screen, Neil Patrick Harris?

It’s no secret that I think NPH is awesome, and worthy of the accolades, award nominations, and critics’ praise bestowed upon him in 2008. After all, Doogie Howser is the unofficial godfather of the weblog, his How I Met Your Mother character Barney Stinson’s lingo has crept into the collective consciousness, and he’s an internet superstar because of  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Being selected as the first SNL host of 2009 affirms his status as one of televisions’ super stars.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about an episode of SNL, and very eager to see what this Saturday night holds for NPH and viewers. I’m putting my faith in SNL’s writers that they will create truly memorable and insanely funny material for him to work with.

Will you be tuning in to SNL on January 10th? Or are any readers lucky enough to be attending? You can be sure I’ll be glued to the TV screen for this one!

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