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SNL Season 33 Episode 15 Recap

Alec Baldwin returned to SNL as host for the 14th time on Valentine’s Day, along with some special celebrity guests, and teen heart throbs Jonas Brothers.

The opening sketch was pretty lame – a Republican gripefest over the Obama administration. It was so weak, not even Dan Aykroyd could save it. I kept thinking it would have been so much better if Aykroyd had returned for the Steve Martin episode, and they could have reprised those “Wild and Crazy Guys”, The Festrunk Brothers.

Alec Baldwin’s opening monologue was solid. I really liked that Jack McBrayer stole the spotlight away from Baldwin (note to the PTBs at SNL – I want to see McBrayer host an ep). I also chuckled at Baldwin thanking Christian Bale for taking over as person “most synonymous with celebrity breakdowns”.

In the first sketch of the evening featuring Baldwin, he was joined by Jonas Brothers. All the little girls who were allowed to stay up late with mom to watch SNL had their first squee moment of the episode. Baldwin played Gary, the much older and morally questionable supposed fourth Jonas Brother. When asked to return his “purity ring” upon being kicked out of the band, he claimed that he broke it.

In the latest edition of The Cougar Den, the menopausal minxes celebrated Valentine’s Day with special guest, Blaine Bagby, author of “Stop That Boy, I Want to Get On”, and self-proclaimed cou-gay. His co-author and previous Cougar Den guest Kiki, played by Cameron Diaz, stopped by as well. From the ladies taking a “Facebook Break” to Kiki attempting to pounce on the hostesses’ boyfriends, this sketch had some good chuckles.

This week’s Digital Short wasn’t the greatest, but it was okay for a laugh or two. It featured Andy Samberg discovering a VHS tape of Jonas Brothers as an 80s hair band, with songs such as “Struck by lightning” and “Ask the Wizard”. Wondering how the boys were in these videos from 25 years ago, Samberg asks them if they’re Highlanders.

Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Photo Shop was good for a one-time laugh. I liked the play on “Baby Got Back”, especially the two-for-one special, known as the “ugh double up ugh ugh”.

The Weekend Update was rather dull this week. The only vaguely interesting part was Jason Sudeikis as Joaquin Phoenix.

I thought Vincent Price’s Valentine’s Special was done rather well. Bill Hader always does a great job with these. Price’s guests were Alec Baldwin as Richard Burton, Casey Wilson as Liz Taylor, Kristen Wiig as Carole Channing, and Fred Armisen as Liberace. Best part of this sketch: when Vincent asks, “Carole, what’s so great about a strange hand sticking through a hole?” And Liberace responds, “Plenty!”

I think I laughed the hardest at the Wii sketch. It was so wrong, but so funny at the same time. I know every adult that owns a Wii has thought the remote is obscene at least once. Oh, how I laughed!

Overall, this was a pretty good episode, good but not great. Alec Baldwin delivered, and Jonas Brothers weren’t fantastic, but at least they can poke fun at themselves.

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Tonight on SNL – Alec Baldwin and Jonas Brothers

Tonight on SNL, Alec Baldwin returns as host, with musical guests Jonas Brothers.

Check out this PROMO for the ep, featuring Baldwin and the JoBros.

This is Baldwin’s 14th appearance as host.

Some of my fave sketches have feature Baldwin during his previous hosting stints – Canteen Boy and Schweddy Balls, just to name a couple – so we might just be in for a solid episode in what’s been a season of few hits and many misses.

Photo courtesy of NBC